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Hira Mani sparks controversy once again

Her insensitive comments regarding the Dua Zehra case have put her in the line of fire
Published 27 Jul, 2022 11:31am
<p>SOURCE: 24newshd</p>

SOURCE: 24newshd

Hira Mani, a recognised actress in the Pakistani film industry is frequently found under fire for her irresponsible comments and has recently made headlines for her thoughts regarding the Dua Zehra case. The 33-year-old actress once said, “Men that taunt their wives about weight are justified, they help women maintain their bodies” and has made comments like that in various instances.

The case that has been going on since April was first deemed to be a kidnapping however as it advanced, questions of rape, assault, and underage marriage arose. Dua’s parents appealed to the public to help get their daughter back home safely. Since then the constant updates regarding the case have filled our Instagram feeds and it seems to get messier with every update.

Over the last four months, a lot of people have given their input regarding the case, however, Hira Mani’s comments sparked controversy because they seem to come from a place of little understanding and lack of information about the issue at hand. Just yesterday, Dua Zehra was moved from Lahore to Karachi and placed in a child protection center. Hira posted on her Instagram story saying “I want Dua and Zaheer to never separate. I am sure Allah will listen to my prayer”.

After receiving backlash for her story Hira posted another one saying, “ I am not politically right but politically correct. That’s why I am Hira Mani“.

Here is what Hira Mani said in the post.

Here is how people responded to it.





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