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People who launched trend against the martyrs were misguided: Rana Sanaullah

The minister warns PTI against creating chaos in August 13 rally
Published 08 Aug, 2022 06:45pm
<p>Rana Sanaullah said that Imran Khan was dividing the nation. File photo</p>

Rana Sanaullah said that Imran Khan was dividing the nation. File photo

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah denounced the malicious social media campaign against the martyrs saying that the entire nation supported the Pakistan Army.

“People who launched trend on social media against martyrs were misguided,” Sanaullah said while talking to media persons during his visit to the residence of Brigadier Muhammad Khalid Iqbal in Faisalabad who was martyred along with 5 other Pak army officers during a helicopter crash incident in Lasbela, Balochistan.

The whole nation has rejected the negative propaganda against the military personnel, the interior minister said and added that those involved in the social media campaign had been identified.

Lashing out at PTI for spreading hate speech, the interior minister said that Imran Khan was misleading and dividing the nation.

He rejected the news that Afghanistan was accusing Pakistan of the drone attack. “Afghanistan has never accused Pakistan but these people are doing so,” he said.

Speaking about PTI’s public gathering on August 13, Sanaullah said that only a peaceful rally in Islamabad will be permitted, adding that if they tried to spread chaos then it would be treated far worse than the one on May 25.

He claimed that Imran Khan was a “foreign agent,” as certified by the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP).

“Imran Khan will be disqualified permanently when the reference against him will be filed in the Supreme Court,” Sanaullah claimed.

The minister said that the PTI was currently issuing the government a one-month ultimatum, but it was meaningless unless the opposition party dissolved the assembly in Punjab and KP where it was in control.


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