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CCTV transcript describes Noor Mukaddam's efforts to escape

Prosection submits details of grisly murder in Islamabad court
Published 09 Nov, 2021 05:52pm

The prosecution in the Noor Mukaddam murder case on Tuesday submitted transcripts of the CCTV camera footage in the court of additional sessions judge Justice Ata Rabbani.

As per the transcript, reported by Dawn, the time of the DVR camera from where the footage had been accessed was 35 minutes ahead of the Pakistan Standard Time.

A linear review of the transcript reveals that the victim entered the house of Zahir Jaffer, the prime suspect, at 10:18 pm on July 18 while talking on the phone. The same shot also shows the watchman, identified as Iftikhar.

Next, Zahir and Noor can be seen carrying bags as they come out of the house at 2:39 am. After placing the bags in a vehicle, the two return to the house. A few minutes later, Noor can be seen running out of the house barefoot.

The transcript states that Zahir then grabs Noor at the gate as she asks him to let her go. However, Zahir drags the victim inside the house. At 2.46 am, both are seen leaving the house in the rented vehicle in which the bags were placed.

The duo return to the house at 2:52 am with bags in hand. At this moment, Iftikhar is seen in the courtyard opening the main gate for them, with a pet also visible in the footage.

The transcript then describes the scenes from July 20, starting at 7:12pm when Noor could be seen jumping from the first floor of the house with a cellphone in her hand. After getting back on foot, she staggers towards the main gate of the house, but the gardener and Iftikhar closed the door.

As per the transcript, Zahir could also be seen jumping from the terrace of the first floor of the house and running and grabbing Noor. He then corners the victim near the gate and snatches her cell phone before dragging her inside. Later, at 8:06pm, employees of Therapy Works were seen entering the house.

According to the CCTV transcript, at 8:55pm, employees of Therapy Works are seen taking an injured person out of the house towards the main gate.


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