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Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that early elections remain a possibility while telling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNAs who have jumped ship that switching parties will not do them any good.

"Turncoats should remember that early elections are also a possibility in Pakistan,” said Rashid while speaking to the media in Lahore on Thursday.

“Those who are changing parties and thinking they will get respect, they are wrong," the minister remarked. Not in the offing.

Rashid added that he had also met Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, while dispelling notions that he was about to axed. "He is also not going anywhere."

Buzdar’s removal has been one of the key demands of PTI’s breakaway faction loyal to Jahangir Tareen. It is also believed to be a condition put forth by PML-Q, PTI’s ally in the Punjab, who want the chief minister to be from their party.

He further stated that PM Imran would defeat the no-confidence motion and there would only be “good news” going forward.

The government's ally at the Centre, the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), has assured the PM of its complete support while other allies including the BAP, MQM-P and PML-Q are still indecisive.

Rashid also suggested that some opposition members might not attend the session on the day of the no-trust vote.

“These responsible members understand that it is better if Prime Minister Imran completes his tenure.”

Rashid said PM Imran Khan would hold a "historic" jalsa in Islamabad on March 27, where the PTI aims to gather one million people to send a message that "we stand with the truth".

The interior minister also said that he has instructed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take prompt action against those maligning the military and the judiciary.