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Peshawar: Imran says he doesn’t believe in anarchic politics. “We were told you can not do politics in Karachi without a militant wing. But we decided not to create one,” says Imran.

No-confidence movement became successful only because of the foreign conspiracy told Khan. “The foreign-funded conspiracy that orchestrated regime change in Pakistan has been proved on all forums,” says Imran Khan.

“I was removed because I wanted an independent foreign policy.”

“We will not accept this ‘imported-government,’ PTI will raise this issue in the Supreme court, high courts as well as the human rights organizations.”

Imran says people have realized what he was trying to do. “Only six weeks and petrol prices have been increased by 30 rupees per litre. India has imported oil in 30% less price than Russia.”

The PTI government had reached on an agreement with Russia to purchase fuel on discounted prices, but the new government did not buy fuel from Russia because they fear the US, says Imran.

IMF pressurized them (current government) to increase petrol and diesel prices.

On the issue of resuming his anti-government protest, Imran said that he would announce the new date of protest if the govt fails to announce date for next election and dissolution of asemblies before end of his six-day deadline.

“This time we will come prepared,” says Imran about another march to the federal capital Islamabad.

These people are fascists, says Imran of his political rivals. Imran says that the government attacked PTI workers and leaders in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. He said thousands of workers were arrested while many others were injured.

“If anything happens (to PTI activists), then all those who brought these criminals to power will be responsible.”

He called on the state instituitions to take responsibility of the situation. “This is also the responsibility of institutions that are watching this whole thing unfold.”

These people blackmail judges using tapes, they are trying to frame us in cases, told Imran. “We have decided on how to deal with such people,” says Imran.

Imran says that his party will challenge the passage of govt-sponsored bills on overseas Pakistanis right to vote and amendments to NAB laws.

Imran says that he has devised a strategy for the next phase of his protest. “I will wait for the Supreme Court decision before announcing my strategy.”