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Shahrukh Khan’s superstar behaviour wins hearts

23 Jun, 2022
<p>Cinematographer Lawrence D’Cunha and Shahrukh Khan. PHOTO Lawrence Instagram</p>

Cinematographer Lawrence D’Cunha and Shahrukh Khan. PHOTO Lawrence Instagram

They say you should never meet your idols since the real-life experience can sometimes be very different from what you have in your head. Shahrukh Khan is one star, however, that will never disappoint.

During a recent ad shoot, the star ran late as he was shooting all through the night before for a film. Many would expect that the actor would show up tired or grumpy but that was not the case at all.

Cinematographer Lawrence D’Cunha took to Instagram to detail his experience of working with King Khan. “He shot throughout the night for his upcoming movie, he arrived slightly behind schedule but sweetly apologised for the delay.”

The superstar was “respectful, thoroughly professional” but still made the crew around him comfortable by cracking jokes.

Sets usually have stand-ins for actors so that lights and final marks can be adjusted without inconveniencing the actor.

“We did not have a stand-in for him, so he just sat on the mark and asked me if I could continue with the lighting while he was rehearsing his lines,” D’Cunha said.

Shahrukh also acknowledged the technicians and crew, making it a point to remember their names. He stayed till the end of the shoot, took pictures with everyone and shook their hands. That is real superstar behaviour, if you ask us.