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Red notice to be issued to bring back Farah Gogi, her husband: Atta Tarar

03 Jul, 2022
<p>Punjab ministers Attaullah Tarar and Malik Ahmed Khan address a press conference in Lahore. Screengrab</p>

Punjab ministers Attaullah Tarar and Malik Ahmed Khan address a press conference in Lahore. Screengrab

The Punjab government will issue red notice for Farhat Shahzadi alias Farah Khan Gogi and her husband, Ahsan Jameel Gujjar, to bring them back to the country in Rs600 million corruption case, said provincial minister Attaullah Tarar.

“A 10 acres industrial plot in Faisalabad’s special economic zone was transferred to Farah, Jameel and Bushra Khan - Farah’s mother - for a mere sum of Rs80.30 million,” Tarar said on Sunday while addressing a press conference along with Punjab minister Malik Ahmed Khan in Lahore.

The provincial government registered a case against Farah, her husband and her mother, in the anti-corruption department in which so far two accused – Faisalabad industrial state CEO Rana Yusuf and Faisalabad SEZ secretary Maqsood Ahmed – have been arrested, he added.

The SEZ was established to facilitate foreign investment in the city, but Farah established a fictitious company for the illegal allotment of the plot in her name, the Punjab minister said.

Tarar said if ex-prime minister Imran Khan did not know about this corruption case and he was not involved in it, he should bring back the accused to the country.

However, the Punjab minister said that Khan would not do it as Farah and her accomplices would admit that the corruption was done with the assistance of ex-premier and his wife.

Alleged audio leak of former first lady

Malik Ahmed Khan said Bushra Bibi was labelled as a domestic woman, but her alleged audio leak with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s social media head, Arsalan Khalid, proved that “she would fire a bomb, if she was political”.

“The former first lady asked Khalid to tag every political opponent a traitor who would utter a single word against Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi and Farah. It does not matter whether the person is Aleem Khan, leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party or Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz,” he added.

An audio leak making rounds on the social media in which Bushra Bibi and Khalid were allegedly talking about “labelling political opponents as traitors” for raising names of PTI leadership. Bushra Bibi also allegedly directed the PTI’s social media head for running hashtags against the political opponents on social media.

‘Basic ingredient of conspiracy is missing’

The Punjab minister, Malik Ahmed Khan, said the basic ingredient of conspiracy was missing in Imran Khan’s claim that he was ousted from the premiership through a foreign agenda.

“A conspiracy is always hidden, according to the logic and its basic ingredient. Which kind of conspiracy was that against the ex-premier that Pakistan’s envoy was being told about it?” he said.

A conspirator never informs about the hidden agenda. However, it was revealed through an informer, Khan added.

He said the former PM did an “internal conspiracy and tagged it as a foreign” one.

Khan also alleged the ex-premier for using donors’ money sent for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for “political” purposes.