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Twitter weighs in on FM Qureshi's 'tuc tuc' speech

The session was adjourned soon after it convened prompting many to express their views on the micro-blogging site
Published 09 Apr, 2022 03:15pm
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As people waited with bated breath to hear which way the no-confidence vote for Prime Minister Imran Khan will go, the government, it seems, had other ideas. The session started with the recitation of the Quran and a naat, followed by the national anthem before being abruptly postponed till 12 30pm.

However, before the postponement, the government had one more card to play, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and his speech that many are still talking about on Twitter.

Some called the speech a deliberate tactic to delay the voting

Some called out the delay in classic cricket jargon, a befitting tribute to our government

Some people on Twitter just couldn’t wait for the vote

While some predicted that the reason for the adjournment of the session was, in fact, Mahmood’s speech.

And others took it upon themselves to update everyone on their feed

Some were just downright confused about the content of the speech

And some actually enjoyed it

While others were really concentrating hard on Qureshi and not on his speech

Shah Mehmood Qureshi


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