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Twitter wonders how Putin will survive without Botox

The speculation comes after an American biopharmaceutical company imposes sanctions on Russia and stops Botox supply
Published 19 Mar, 2022 12:44pm
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Photo File

One of the latest companies to impose sanctions on Russia is Abbvie, an American biopharmaceutical company that supplies botox and fillers, reported Berli Media. Both are important parts of Russian aesthetic medicine.

Soon after the announcement was made on Twitter, social media went to work to predict how this latest ban will affect Russian President Vladimir Putin. Especially since the president has supposedly opted to go under the knife and is rumoured to rely on botox and fillers to maintain his look.

The first time it was speculated that Putin uses botox was during his 2011 visit to Kyiv, where he sported a bruised eye.

Some people were already attacking Putin online for his botox use when the news of Abbvie’s sanctions broke,

While some equated his Botox journey to becoming Snow White,

While some wondered if Putin will have to stop using Botox now

And what would he look like if he did,

While others predicted that the war won’t go on for long as Botox supplies dwindle

Social media users also predicted that he will be very upset with the company’s ban

Vladimir Putin

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